Roswell takes pride in the variety of educational opportunities available. From Public to Private establishments, Roswell has a place for every student to succeed and learn in an environment best suited to them. Roswell offers charter schools, public schools, private schools, home-school programs and more.

Our city is focused on helping families thrive. This not only includes our award winning park system and public leadership, but also our education communities. Roswell is part of the Fulton County School System which was recently rated “One of the Top 100 School Districts in Places You Can Afford” by Money Magazine. Fulton County public schools consistently win awards and receive recognition for the high quality of education provided throughout the district.

Roswell currently has 15 public schools, with a brand new elementary school scheduled to open for the 2015-16 School Year. Public schools are creating charter programs all over the spectrum. One of the public schools receiving accolades is Roswell North Elementary. It is recognized for being one of the most diverse schools in the greater metro-Atlanta area. With roughly 30% of the student population living under the poverty level and another 30% above the “middle class” definition, this school is one that showcases all students.

It also pioneered two widely popular programs that have not only brought corporate money into the school’s advancement, but also a sustainable amount of energy through volunteers: “Dad’s Club” and creating a “Foundation”.

With two middle schools and two high schools, Roswell allows students to continue their learning with high expectations in a positive environment. Crabapple Middle is a Lighthouse School to Watch with a nationally ranked Drama Department. Elkins Pointe is championing those students who need championing: Those who are not yet succeeding in middle school academics. High School Showcase: both Roswell High School and Centennial High School have a graduation rate over the national average! Additionally, both schools have been recognized by the Georgia Department of Education as AP STEM Schools, AP STEM Achievement Schools and AP Merit Schools. This signifies that not only are many of these students taking Advanced Placement Courses, they are excelling in these courses.


Although the 17 distinctly different private schools vary throughout the city, they find common ground in being student-driven and focused. Whether identified by faith, learning style or other special education needs, a Roswell family is able to find a school that allows their child to feel success in the learning environment.. The highly praised mission for High Meadows School is experiential learning, sustainability and the natural world. They are constantly showcased for cohesively merging subjects into one central topic or theme.

An excellent example of a private school finding success within their faith mission would be Fellowship Christian Academy. Offering a consistent and stable school environment for your child from pre-school through high school graduation, Fellowship has award winning sports teams and academic teams. Other successful schools focused on faith-based learning include Queen of Angels and Cross of Life Montessori.

The Swift School and The Cottage School are not only neighbors, but collaborators sharing resources and students. The Swift School (1st-8th) specializes in assisting students with dyslexia. After a period of training, Swift is often able to mainstream children back into a public school setting. The Cottage School offers Middle and High School alternative learning techniques. Their vocational training is award winning and consistent with a college prep curriculum. Eaton Academy serves students who benefit from a customized model of education. The curriculum is designed to meet their individual academic needs.

Roswell is proud of our educational community and focuses on ensuring the available opportunities continue to grow and adapt as we move into the future. With so many successful methods of learning, we ensure the success of our future generations.


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