Roswell has made great strides in community conservation and sustainability. The city government has established a number of effective policies to reduce waste and promote environmental health, such as the “Green Fleet” Vehicle Policy and the Green Affordable Housing Incentive. A number of brand new homes in Weatherford Place have achieved the distinguished Platinum LEED certification, a huge achievement for the city. These homes are some of the most energy efficient in the world and prime models for future high quality, energy efficient homes.

In an effort to encourage more builders to lean towards green, the city offers Green Building Incentives. These incentives include expedited reviews for building projects, building permit fee rebates and marketing opportunities.

Roswell recently became the first city in metro-Atlanta to be certified Silver by the Atlanta Regional Commission Green Communities Program. The following press release details the significance of this certification:


Roswell, Ga. (February 11, 2014) — The City of Roswell has been named a Gold Certified Green Community by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for leadership in implementing policies and practices that contribute to efficient and sustainable use of resources in metro Atlanta.

“The City of Roswell is proud to bring this highest level of ARC green certification to its community,” said Michael Fischer, Deputy City Administrator. “Roswell is committed to being a leader in the region by reducing our environmental footprint, fostering greater environmental stewardship, and investing in programs leading to a more sustainable region.”

ARC’s Green Communities program was the first program in the country seeking to transform a region by promoting sustainability through a “green” certification program for local governments. Since 2009, the nationally recognized program has certified 18 jurisdictions in the 10-county Atlanta region. Cities and counties earn Green Communities certification by implementing practices and policies in 10 categories, ranging from energy efficiency and green building to transportation and water efficiency.

Roswell was one of the first cities to certify at the silver level in 2009. The City applied to recertify this past year, as it continued to expand its green programs and initiatives.

Highlights of Roswell’s efforts include the following:

  • The Roswell Build Green Incentive Program, which provides incentives for community green building, workforce housing green building, WaterSense and solar installation in one comprehensive resolution.
  • As part of Roswell’s alternate fuel program, 10 Ford F-150 pick-up trucks have been converted to Propane AutoGas. This alternate fuel program saves money, lowers overall fleet emissions and increases vehicle life with lower maintenance and cleaner burning fuel.
  • East Roswell Park Gymnasium has newly installed light-enhancing skylights, which allow activities during the day to take place without supplemental lighting. Even on partially cloudy days, the new skylights capture and broadcast enough light to provide ample lighting for racquet sports, basketball and child care.
  • The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has certified Roswell as a Community Wildlife Habitat. The city is the third community in Georgia to receive this honor. The city also educates its residents about sustainable gardening practices such as reducing or eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides, conserving water, planting native plants, removing invasive plants and composting. Since 2011, Roswell has worked alongside community members to achieve this certification and now has 225 homes, 11 schools, 14 parks and 1 farm that are individually certified wildlife habitats.

Complete information about ARC’s Green Communities Certification Program, including the measures each certified community has implemented, is available on the agency’s website.