The housing options in Roswell are as diverse as the city itself. While primarily comprised of single-family suburban style houses, accommodations can be found for nearly any situation. No matter your stage of life, you will not just find a house or an apartment in Roswell. You will find a home.

Though cost of living in Roswell is higher than the national average, the increase in population over the last ten years shows that families are seeking a diverse & safe community. The slight rise in costs pays off in extremely beneficial amenities found within the community. People move to Roswell, and stay in Roswell, in order to live well.

A huge contributing factor to the popularity of Roswell is the impressively low crime rate. Roswell is safer than around 60% of cities in the US, according to real estate demographic research. The crime index as a whole is lower than the Georgia average. Among its many recognitions for excellence in public safety, Roswell has been ranked the 18th safest city in the country according to City Crime Ratings. Furthermore, it has been named one of the top three cities IN THE COUNTRY to raise a family by Frommer’s.

The population of Roswell has seen considerable growth in the last decade. The City estimates that the population has seen more than a 10% increase since 2000 and its numbers reach more than 90,000 citizens as of 2013.

The average number of people within a Roswell household is 2.6, respectively. This number does not include well-treated and/or humanized pets, though they are common in Roswell homes. The majority of households are owner occupied. This supports the majority of families occupying single-family homes in suburban style neighborhoods. However, as more young professionals and retirees are drawn to the Roswell lifestyle, multi-family units and rental spaces are gaining popularity. New constructions are in the works to meet the growing demand for this type of housing, though the current residential neighborhoods will remain largely unaffected.