Roswell Raises the Bar

By April 8, 2015The Inc Blog

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.31.01 PMThe Mayor’s State of the City presentation illuminated a bright and exciting future for the City of Roswell. Unemployment rates have dropped to the lowest in the state, and crime is notably low . Business is booming, the parks are in peak condition and the historic district is flourishing. Economic development efforts are facilitating opportunity and growth at unprecedented rates and the Mayor contributes much of this success to the creation of Roswell Inc.

“Roswell has never been in better condition than it is right now,” Mayor Wood said confidently. “One of the best decisions my council ever made was to create Roswell Inc.”

“We work with businesses throughout the City of Roswell, from the one man operations all the way to corporations like GM with over 1300 employees,” Roswell Inc Executive Director Steve Stroud said.

Success in Roswell has lead to a significant population increase as more and more companies and families come to put down roots. The rapid growth has some Roswell residents concerned, as the demand continues to exceed the supply as far as space. Increased density raises some concerns about traffic and cost of living.

“The Atlanta population will continue to grow and come our way,” Wood said. “Change will create anxiety and opposition, but also opportunity. Our biggest threat today is complacency.”

In his presentation, Mayor Wood laid out many of Roswell’s current and future projects, including but not limited to the new elementary school, the new water plant, an extension of the river trail to the Chattahoochee Nature Center and multiple transportation improvements currently under way.

To learn more about the Mayor’s State of the City event, watch the highlights here.