Welcome to Roswell Wednesday!

By May 25, 2016Ribbon Cuttings

Last week was booming with ribbon cuttings, and grand openings. It was perfect Roswell weather to welcome new business and celebrate new milestones and achievements!

Elements Massage

Elements Massage Roswell Opened 1 Year!Happy Birthday To You Elements Massage Roswell!

Last week Elements celebrated it’s 1st Birthday! Grade-A ribbon-cutting weather and an outstanding show of support from family and friends, made this a wonderful celebration!
Elements is a first class massage therapy studio. They offer a variety of massages including: warm stone, deep tissue, prenatal, sports and more. Soon the studio will offer reflexology; which is a type of massage that is intended to increase your over all health based on targeting pressure points.

Elements Massage has highly trained massage therapists who have been in the industry for up to over 10 years! During their ribbon-cutting celebration, they offered complimentary chair massages. A mid day massage? Yes, please!

We wish Element Massage Roswell great success!

Brookdale Assisted Living – Memory Care Facility

Brookdale Assisted Living Memory Care Grand OpeningA show stopper of a grand-opening…they literally rolled out the red carpet!

Brookdale Assisted Living had a much deserved turn out at their celebration last week – one of the largest grand opening events that we have seen to-date!

Brookdale is a 35 acre community located right in the middle of Roswell. The Roswell community is thrilled to see them add this 25,000 sq. ft Memory Care unit.

Their facility has some of the most advanced Alzheimer and Dementia programs in the area. Brookdale is structured to feel like home – they offer amenities such as a garage-like workshop, a laundry/housekeeping station and a home office. They also utilize cutting-edge technology and software to train motor functions, memory functions and more.

With their software, residents can do everything from Personalize Trivia to watching a special message from home. One of the staff told us of a resident that was a professional pilot and in his program, they offered a flight simulator so that he could still fly his plane out of his airport – whenever he wanted. The system is also used to help calm a resident that may be upset because their Brookdale Amenities - workshop, housekeeping, home officewife is not with them at night or because they can not find their husband. Family members may record a message, so that when their loved one is upset they can help calm them with an encouraging message from home!

Brookdale is an amazing facility and like Mayor Wood said – “assisted living is something that we will all need one day; if we live long enough, and Brookdale is the kind of place you want to end up in!” Congratulations Brookdale on your continued growth and success!



Home TheaterWorks

Home TheaterWorks Grand Re-OpeningWe wrapped up this ribbon-cutting week with the Grand Re-OpHome TheaterWorks - home theater, speakers, bathroom tv, patio audioening of Home TheaterWorks.

Home TheaterWorks has more then doubled in size! When you explore their revamped store you are taken on a journey of every possible amenity a house could have.

They have a state-of-the-art home theater, a staged patio with all the bells and whistles and even a “speakerless” room. That’s right speakerless, if you still want a chic sitting-room they can even put the speakers in the wall so that they may be heard but not seen! If that wasn’t cool enough, you can watch TV in your bathroom mirror while you wash up and when you turn it off it is literally invisible!

Home TheaterWorks is not just a tech geeks dream; they are a family business that is kind, and welcoming! They are the kind of business we love to support and the kind that makes Roswell what it is. We wish them continued growth and success!