Roswell’s quality of life and ideal location along Georgia 400 make the City very competitive to attract and retain technical, research, consulting and corporate operations companies, ranging in size from 1-person firms to having thousands of employees.  Roswell is home to a wide range of service based companies, including the areas of finance, retail, medical, education, technology, art and more. Roswell is focused on small business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as mid-sized forms.


Roswell is quickly becoming known as a great place to experience a wonderful meal. With a valuable dining segment along the main historic corridor (i.e. Canton Street), many opportunities exist to expand this industry to additional central parts of Roswell.


Roswell is an ideal location for the expansion of healthcare-related industries.  As Roswell’s older population continues to age into their senior years, the demand for medical services likely will increase, especially as the demand for senior care (those households downsizing within the community) and family care (those households moving their families into the community) increases.

The City is a logical fit for continued growth of primary and specialty care operations, particularly for senior and elderly care.  The growth at North Fulton hospital is an excellent example of the faith the private sector has in the ability of the community to support additional medical services. Due to this growth, opportunities such as medical research and development have become successful in the area.


Roswell already has experienced success in recent developments, and the City’s access to Georgia 400 and central location to the northern portion of metro Atlanta make this a logical industry target. Roswell is a prime location to advance the distribution operations for many companies.