Workforce training, hiring and education are top priorities in Georgia’s efforts to help businesses grow. Few factors are more crucial to a company’s success than recruiting, training and keeping talent. Georgia offers a wide array of educational opportunities to ensure that the local workforce is as well trained and prepared for the

job market as possible. Georgia also offers incentives for businesses to provide higher education and specialized training to their employees.  Here are a few of the programs Georgia offers to better serve workers and businesses seeking a well-prepared workforce:

State of Georgia Workforce Links

Georgia Quick Start

Workforce training in Georgia is provided through several initiatives, but the state’s signature program is Georgia Quick Start, a free program customized for companies in numerous industries. The oldest program of its kind in the U.S., Quick Start has updated the skill sets of nearly 1 million employees at 6,200 companies. Quick Start helps companies maintain a competitive advantage by preparing workers for skill sets needed tomorrow as well as today.


Workforce Education

Workforce education in Georgia provides businesses with a constant flow of skilled employees. The state’s education system – from its leading early education programs to its nationally ranked colleges and universities – nurture the talent to fill jobs at all levels.

The state will pilot new approaches in hundreds of schools, using a $400 million Race to the Top grant that will introduce programs to improve teaching in 26 school districts statewide. High-school graduation rates are at an all-time high, and new initiatives at the secondary and post-secondary levels will ensure that more Georgians are prepared to tackle the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Go Build Georgia

The Go Build campaign is designed to educate young people on the value of learning a trade, dispel their misconceptions about the skilled trade industry and inspire them to consider building a career as a skilled tradesman. Through this public awareness effort, public relations and social media campaign, Go Build aims to provide better opportunities for craft tradesmen, more highly skilled employees for businesses and enhanced economic development for Georgia and the nation.


Workforce Investment Act

WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT (WIA) – The federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was signed into law in August 1998, and went into effect in Georgia in July 2000. The Governor designated the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development (GOWD) as the state agency responsible for implementation of WIA in December 2011. As of July 1, 2012 GOWD oversees WIA. WIA is the nation’s principal workforce development legislation, providing funds to address the employment and training needs of dislocated workers, and low-income adults and youth.

Hiring Assistance

To support company recruitment, Georgia’s Department of Labor posts job notices, collects and screens applications and résumés, provides interview space, schedules interviews and hosts job fairs. The department also works with private employment agencies that list jobs with the state.


Specialized Education

Georgia’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program offers qualified companies customized, accelerated education for knowledge workers in high-demand occupations. Through ICAPP, select companies can partner with a college or university to design a program of study that prepares students for specific knowledge jobs.