Rapid Economic Growth in the GA 400 Corridor

By October 14, 2014News

Roswell and the other cities of the Georgia 400 Corridor have seen unprecedented growth and change in recent years. While much of the country still struggles to climb out of the economic dip of 2009, the North Fulton communities are racing toward the future at a sprint, developmentally speaking.
In the past, large population growth would likely result in further sprawl with the expansion of residential neighborhoods and chain-filled shopping centers. Now, however, local municipalities are looking inward and taking stock of their resources. They are listening to what citizens want and predicting how the current trends will affect the future. They are reinvesting in current properties and implementing creative new zoning practices that will improve the quality of life within the cities. GA 400 Corridor
This includes several massive projects that will create mixed use, urban style developments in these formerly isolated suburbs. Projects like Alpharetta’s Avalon, Roswell’s City Walk and Milton’s proposed city center all offer the village style amenities that allow residents to live, work and play within reasonable, and even walkable distance. Planners and developers are finding new ways to provide these benefits without removing the more charming and rural aspects of the suburban towns that set them apart from Atlanta.
Furthermore, the Georgia 400 Corridor is attracting major businesses to the area in larger numbers and diversity than ever before, particularly in the IT and medical industries. These corporations bring thousands of jobs to the area and provide opportunity for the highly skilled, highly educated workforce to thrive. This promotes affluence within the communities and further drives the local economies forward.
“The corridor is thriving,” says Steve Stroud, executive director of Economic and Community Development for Roswell Inc. “We’re seeing a lot of [new] IT professionals and medical-related industry. The other industry that’s extremely strong in Roswell and North Fulton is the financial payment industry and the credit card processing industry. We’re seeing a lot of new professionals, [and] we’re seeing a lot of diversity in the business.”
Be it medicine, IT, the culinary arts or the fine arts, North Fulton is leading the charge in growth and development. To learn more about the projects going on in North Fulton, check out the Georgia Trend article here!