Redevelopment Paves the Way in Roswell

By September 29, 2014News

Da Vinci's

DaVinci’s Pizzeria is a shining example of a successful redevelopment giving life to the business community in Roswell. The restaurant is located in a 6,000 square-foot space on Old Alabama Rd. that previously sat empty and neglected for two years. The surrounding neighbors have welcomed the restaurant with open arms and empty bellies, and the business is thriving.

“DaVinci’s is a great example of an old shopping center getting new life,” Steve Stroud, Executive Director of Roswell Inc, said. “Redevelopment is the way of the future.”

The new and updated UDC, or Unified Development Code, is an invaluable tool in the redevelopment efforts. It allows for mixed-use zoning and simplifies the processes that have hindered new businesses in the past. The aging shopping centers of the 80’s and 90’s are being converted into office, retail and even residential spaces that allow residents to live, work and play within a walkable area.

“In some areas you want to put some residential combined with retail and commercial,” Stroud said. “The UDC is a great tool to be able to put together and clean up properties. It helps the redevelopment process tremendously. It gives the developer and the property owner up front what their expectation is for that piece of property.”

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