SEDP logo.jpgIn these tough economic times we face and highly competitive regional market for attracting businesses, Roswell City leaders have decided to take a strategic approach to reaching our community’s economic development goals.

The Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP) was accepted by the Mayor and City Council on August 13, 2012. The acceptance of the plan represents a strategic approach to reaching the City’s economic development goals. The SEDP not only gives City leaders an objective assessment of Roswell’s competitive position in attracting businesses to our city, but it provides direction in assisting existing business to stay and expand. The plan provides a road map for the City to succeed in attracting private investment within an extremely vibrant and competitive regional market.


How was the SEDP created?
What was the focus while creating the SEDP?
How will the SEDP be used?
What are the City’s goals for economic development?
Why can’t the City continue with the same economic development strategy that has been used in the past?
What economic development issues does the City face?
What are Roswell’s current market opportunities?
What new industries are recommended for Roswell?
What’s next?