During this annual summertime event, local restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, and other craft beverage destinations in Roswell each create a new craft cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage and compete to have their drink named the year’s “Best Sip in Roswell.”  

As a sister event to Roswell Restaurant Week, Summer Sippin’ is designed to drive traffic to our city’s food and beverage establishments. Guests are invited to try as many drinks as they can during the months of June through August and rate them through the Summer Sippin’ mobile app and website. Their ratings are what help decide each year’s “Best Sips”—which are awarded in both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic category. 

To create a sip for next summer’s contest, contact us. 

For more information, visit our Summer Sippin website and follow the event on social media

Sublime Tree was thrilled to participate and win the 2018 Summer Sippin’ Contest! It allowed our talented employees to experiment and create a truly amazing smoothie concoction that quickly became one of our top sellers and a customer favorite. We had a fun and memorable time sharing our sip with the community, along with other great local restaurants. 

Monika Scott, Owner, Sublime Tree