The City of Roswell created its first Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP) in 2012, designed to strategically reach the city’s economic development goals. This plan was created through a collaborative effort between city leaders, a group of business and community stakeholders who formed the SEDP committee, and RKG Associates, an economic planning consultancy. 

The SEDP gave city leaders an objective assessment of Roswell’s competitive position in attracting businesses to our city, direction on helping existing businesses stay and expand in the city, and guidance on attracting private investment within a competitive regional market.  It also mapped out key priorities for Roswell and recommendations for how we could accomplish those things to build a stronger, more vibrant economy and business environment. 

In 2017, we re-engaged RKG Associates to create SEDP 2.0, an implementation plan that provides updated recommendations for Roswell based on the current economic and business climate. Both the initial SEDP and the 2.0 update can be viewed below.