Launched in 2016, Roswell Inc’s Economic Development Alliance (EDA) is made up of invited key stakeholders within the Roswell business community who are committed to investing in the economic growth and prosperity of the city.  The group includes representatives of all the city’s largest employers, key regional businesses, economic development agencies, and real estate development companies.  

EDA members participate in bi-monthly luncheon meetings focused on Roswell’s current economic landscape and addressing challenges that may affect sustainable growth. EDA members also engage with local and regional leaders, learn about current and upcoming real estate and development projects, and gain exclusive insights into economic development trends within Roswell and the state of Georgia. 

Mimms Enterprises

“Roswell Inc’s Economic Development Alliance has been a great outlet for Kimberly-Clark to network with area civic leaders and current and potential business partners. Meetings and events strike a healthy balance of discussion on Roswell’s top economic and community development issues with informal networking to enable building of new friendships and renewing of existing ones.”

– Branch Sinkule, Senior Director, Government Relations and Industrial Development