The Educated, Experienced, Diverse Labor Pool in Roswell is Rapidly Expanding

With a daytime population of 105,870, more residents are staying to work and more workers living elsewhere are commuting into the city. Over a five-year period, the commuting workforce into Roswell has increased by 15%, outpacing the national growth rate.

Roswell (2019) Fulton County (date?) Roswell (2024) (esri)
Population 94,823 386,000 100,979
Population Growth Rate (annual / 2018?) 3.03% 1.3%
Median Age 39.0 38.3 39.0
Median Household Income $95,014 $98,488 $106,249
Median Home Value $389,620 $430,172

Educational Attainment (population 25+)

A growing and highly educated workforce make Roswell an ideal location for new and expanding business. (need to develop this section)

  • Associate degree: 7.1%
  • Bachelors degree: 37.5%
  • Graduate degree: 19.8%

Unemployment has dropped from 3.8% to 2.5%

Taken from Roswell Inc annual Report 2018. Original source: Georgia Department of labor, 2019.

Suggested visual: Good opportunity to highlight some key stats in visual infographic. Key stats to be determined with Roswell Inc.