Owner, Big Oak Tavern

Nate Armstrong (a Native South Carolinian), realized that he had a passion and flare for the  culinary arts at an early age. This passion served as a driving force and foundation for him as  he established his career path. 

Nate graduated from Johnson and Wales University where he majored in Culinary Arts.  Immediately after graduation, he began working in the field and was able to quickly work his  way up from line cook to General Manager of a restaurant before the age of 30. 

Despite the fact the Nate was flourishing as the GM of an upscale steakhouse in the Roswell  area, he still wanted to do more. He wanted to be able to have a restaurant of his own, where  he had the autonomy to create his own menu and the opportunity to serve as a pillar in the  community. 

In February 2020, Nate stepped out on faith, left the stability of his current job, to follow his  dreams of becoming a restauranteur and “Big Oak Tavern” was born. He hit the ground running  developing a unique chef-inspired menu that quickly became the talk of the town and  established the Big Oak Tavern as a staple in the community.  

Nate has planted his root in the Roswell community and been honored to be a part on the  board of STAR house charity organization, and also a board member of Roswell  Economic Development and Tourism, Inc—the board of directors that oversees both Roswell Inc and Visit Roswell.