In October of 2021, Chik-fil-a launched its first “modular-constructed restaurant” in our very own Roswell Town Center. This new model has allowed for faster customer service, better customer and employee service, as well as a more positive overall Chik-fil-a experience. In our evolving world of online ordering, fewer in person visits, with an increase in drive through ROTATION, the modular-construction has proven to be extremely successful, so much so they plan to move forward with this same model going forward. This unique ability to sell more while preserving the brand coupled with reducing the number of discarded brick by 20% during building has allowed for an even more positive experience for everyone involved.

“It’s really been an unbelievable boost to our efficiency and reliability and predictability in the field,” Shaw said. “When you can fabricate off-site and really control that material and control that design and deliver it to the job site, [new store construction is] less affected by weather and wind and rain.” – Chick-fil-A Development and Construction Manager Jeff Shaw

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