We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) to support both aspiring and current Hispanic business owners in Roswell, develop mutual business relationships between Hispanic and non-Hispanic business owners in the city, and strengthen Roswell’s overall business community.

The partnership will provide for a variety of events, webinars, special educational programs, and other opportunities to encourage, support, and grow Hispanic businesses in Roswell. Programs and outreach will be developed for both Spanish- and English-speaking businesses.

“We are excited about our new partnership with the Georgia Hispanic Chamber and look forward to seeing all the positive ways this collaboration will help us better support Hispanic businesses and entrepreneurs in our city,” said Steve Stroud, Executive Director of Roswell Inc.

“This new partnership will be a win-win for the City of Roswell and our Chamber,” said Gabriel Vaca, Interim President and CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “We will provide a variety of educational events and access to resources to Hispanic businesses and especially opportunities to develop relationships between Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses.”

The partnership will be celebrated during a virtual kickoff event on August 20 at 9:00 a.m. Roswell Inc and Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce board members, local dignitaries, and media will join the staff of both organizations for a ceremony to witness the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to officially establish the partnership.

About Georgia Hispanic Chamber
About the GHCC Established in 1984, the GHCC’s primary focus is on business formation, business growth and education and access to resources as well as civic and leadership development and engagement. It serves entrepreneurs and business owners through consultations, workshops and seminars. With over 1,300 members, the GHCC is one of the largest Hispanic Chambers in the country and can be found at www.ghcc.org