Pop’s Coffee Company—an expansion of family-owned, custom motorcycle shop Pop’s Garage Fabrication—began work on the concept after securing the second half of their building in early 2020. Pop’s Garage Fabrication has gained significant attention and notoriety over the years among Harley Davidson riders and motorcyclists around the country. Co-founders of Pop’s Coffee Company, Gordon Erikson and Colin McDonald are working to create the same level of quality with their coffee house. Partnering with local Atlanta coffee roastery Batdorf & Bronson, Pop’s coffee is fair trade, organic, and small batch.

In an effort to make this owner-occupied space a place where even non-cyclist will feel welcome, Pop’s invested approximately $2 million into the space, adding a large garage door that opens to a front patio and a variety of seating options for every type of coffee shop goer. Upon opening in November 2020, the 5,000-square-foot expansion and renovation project brought 8 new jobs to the city in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pop’s Coffee Co. is quickly becoming a local favorite. Participating in Summer Sippin’ 2021, Pop’s is vying for “Best Sip in Roswell” with their new Iced Lavender Lemon Fog—a delicious option that is not only refreshing but also dairy-free, vegan and paleo. If you haven’t had a chance to “pop” in yet, be sure to stop by the next time you need to refuel!

This article was originally featured in our 2020 Annual Report.