Located in downtown Roswell, the $100-million redevelopment project Southern Post will feature the historic districts’ first Class-A office space. In this month’s Q&A, Roswell Inc executive director Steve Stroud discusses the project with Stephen Clifton, Senior Managing Director of Transwestern, which is the commercial real estate firm overseeing leasing for the office portion of the project. The two chat about everything from features and amenities to the ideal tenant to the effects of COVID-19 on the project.

Steve: What are some of the advantages of this project being located in downtown Roswell?

Stephen Clifton: Located in the heart of the highly desirable Downtown Roswell, Southern Post offers the true live, work, play experience in support of a more walkable downtown Roswell adding to an already vibrant community.  Southern Post, through its name, architecture and design, gives a nod to the areas historical charm and will become the community’s gathering “post”.  Offering modern amenities, green spaces and gathering points throughout the development – amenities required to attract a desirable workforce – along with retail and multifamily, Southern Post is positioned to be the place for the modern-day family, business, and employee to thrive.


Steve: How are you marketing the Southern Post project?

Stephen Clifton: We are casting a wide net.  While it is likely that the bulk of the office users at Southern Post will emerge from the existing Roswell market, we are also seeing demand from Alpharetta, Central Perimeter, Buckhead, and Northwest Atlanta.  While most Roswell based office users understand the inherent benefits of being in downtown Roswell, we are working to build awareness about what downtown Roswell has to offer to companies and individuals who may be located elsewhere.


Steve: Has the footprint of the project changed due to COVID-19, specifically the office space?

Stephen Clifton: While the environment and operation of the project will undoubtedly have enhancements due to COVID-19, it is unlikely that there will be any major design changes to the base building.  At the end of the day, new construction is well positioned in this environment as tenants look to retrofit space to new trends and safety protocols while also designing efficient and impactful space that drives success for their businesses.

Steve: What is the ideal office tenant for Southern Post?

Stephen Clifton: We anticipate having a very diverse office tenant mix at Southern Post that will range from professional service firms, technology companies, and everything in between.  The common thread among potential tenants at Southern Post will be a desire to be a part of the community that is being enhanced by the project.


Steve: What are the minimum and maximum office space options available to tenants?

Stephen Clifton: The two planned office buildings were intentionally designed with flexibility in mind, and that is highlighted by different size floor plates ranging from 7,068 square feet to 16,621 square feet.  We can accommodate tenants ranging from 2,000 square feet all the way up to full building multi-floor users of approximately 90,000 square feet.


Steve: With the onset of COVID-19, outdoor space and amenities are highly desirable to tenants. What does Southern Post have to offer?

Stephen Clifton: Even before the emergence of COVID-19, office tenants were demanding outdoor amenities, and with that in mind, Southern Post was designed with private tenant balconies on every office floor that are dedicated for tenant use.  Furthermore, Southern Post is designed around outdoor dining and retail patios, breweries, gathering areas, and communal spaces.