Governor Brian Kemp has issued a new executive order, declaring a State of Emergency for Continued COVID-19 Economic Recovery as well as regulatory suspensions.

For full details, read the executive orders here: 

Senate Bill 359

On Wednesday, August 5, Governor Kemp signed into law Senate Bill 359, which protects individuals, businesses and healthcare providers from COVID-19 related claims, unless gross negligence or willful and wanton misconduct has taken place. As specified in the bill, any receipt, ticket, wristband or proof of purchase for entry should include the liability statement in at least 10 pt. font or the warning should be posted at all entry points in 1-inch Arial font.

  • Statement on Receipt, Proof of Purchase, etc.: Any person entering the premises waives all civil liability against this premises owner and operator for any injuries caused by the inherent risk associated with contracting COVID-19 at public gatherings, except for gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, reckless infliction of harm, or intentional infliction of harm, by the individual or entity of the premises.
  • Entrance Warning:

Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering
these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting
COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.

For full details, read Senate Bill 359 here.