Roswell is thrilled to be home to two new microbreweries! Both From the Earth Brewing Company and Variant Brewing Company celebrated their grand openings this past weekend, November 3 – 5. We are proud to have had a significant role in the creation of the microbrew industry here in Roswell several years ago and are excited to continue cultivating this business community in the coming years.

From the Earth Brewing Company

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Founded by Tim and Lisa Stevens, From the Earth Brewing Company is a brewpub with a specialized focus on a chef-driven and farm-to-table menu, craft beer options, and social gatherings. In addition to featuring a full menu and four of its own unique brews, From the Earth also serves a selection of other local and seasonal beers, a variety of cocktails, and wine. From the Earth is located on Holcomb Bridge Road in the Connexion Plaza east of GA-400.
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Variant Brewing Company

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Founded by Matt Curling, Variant Brewing Company features a variety of seasonal and year-round beers in addition to a selection of “variant” brews, which derive their name from Merriam-Webster, which defines “variant” as something varying slightly from the standard form. These beers are thus specific variations of other brew offerings combined with unique ingredients such as toasted coconut, coffee, pineapple, or citrus flavors. Variant is located on Norcross Street behind Roswell City Hall and a short walk from Canton Street.
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