Steckman Pilates & Wellness

Welcome to Roswell, Steckman Pilates & Wellness! The Pilates studio follows the original teachings that Joesph Pilates developed and the three guiding principles of Pilates: whole body health, whole body commitment, and breath. The studio approaches the whole body developing the physical body, the mind, and spirit— which can be achieved through exercise and movement, proper eating habits, good hygiene and sleep, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and work life balance.

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North End Kitchen

Welcome to Roswell, North End Kitchen! North End Kitchen is a relaxed, chic dining destination on Roswell’s historic north end of Canton Street, featuring shareable New American cuisine with a vibrant patio and open-air bar. North End Kitchen is also one of this year’s Summer Sipipn’ participants and is competing for “Best Sip in Roswell” 2022 with their official cocktail—Northern Lights Sangria.

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English for a Lifetime

Congratulations to English for a Lifetime on opening their second location, and welcome to Roswell! EFL Language Institute provides academic and vocational English instruction to adults, families, and business professionals with limited English proficiency. They believe that mastery of the English language is critical to their students’ success and productivity in the US and globally.

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