It’s no secret that Roswell’s restaurant and brewery scene has been flourishing in recent years.  Now, thanks to a recent ordinance change, we can begin to welcome a new category of craft beer and wine markets to the city.
For the past year, Roswell Inc has worked diligently to amend Roswell’s business alcohol ordinance in order to bring a new business into the city. The ordinance, which historically has required establishments to sell at least 51% food, now allows craft beer and wine markets to sell certain package wine and craft malt beverages exclusively, with limited consumption on the premises.
Approved by city council this past June, the ordinance change paved the way for the first business of its kind in Roswell – Tap & Six, a craft beer lounge concept introduced by Roswell resident David Craig and his eldest son, Ethan.
“What makes us different from a brewery is that we curate the best craft beers from hundreds of local, regional and international breweries and put them in the same spot to enjoy at Tap & Six and at home,” Craig said.
Tap & Six allows you to try, buy and create a six-pack of craft beer or growler to take home, or stay and enjoy one of the 200 on-site beers in addition to small plates, wine and craft sodas.
“It’s a unique concept, and there is nothing else like it in this area. It’s a place to bring your laptop and work during the day, stop in with the kids and other parents after sporting events, or head to for a night out,” Craig said.
Working as a liaison between the city and Craig, Roswell Inc assisted through the entire process – from the initial introduction of the concept to city officials, to working alongside city council and legal staff to create, understand and change the city’s ordinance, to helping the business navigate the zoning process.
“The team at Roswell Inc really helped guide us through the process. It would have been very difficult to accomplish what we did without their help,” Craig said.
Tap & Six is set to open in December of 2017 and will be located off Oak Street in the same area as the soon-to-be-open Whiskey Project.  
“We are thrilled to have helped Tap & Six find a home in Roswell,” said Steve Stroud, executive director of Roswell Inc. “This is a great example of the type of work our organization is often involved with for months, even years, before a new project or business is announced. We can’t wait for Tap & Six to open its doors later this year, and we look forward to seeing it build upon the food and beverage culture we’re creating in our community.”
Craft beer and wine markets will not be able to sell distilled spirits and will have limited hours of operation; 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. on weekends and holidays. They will only be permitted in areas currently zoned to allow for consumption on the premises.