Located in the heart of downtown Roswell, the $95-million redevelopment project Southern Post, which is situated on the former Southern Skillet property, will bring 40,000 square feet of retail, 90,000 square feet of office, 128 apartments and 10 townhomes to the historic district. In this month’s Q&A, Roswell Inc executive director Steve Stroud chats with Jennifer Harris and Ryan Arcese of Armada Hoffler, the real estate development firm that is leading the project. They discuss what the development will bring to Roswell’s historic district, how long the project will take to complete, and what stores and restaurants we can be on the lookout for.

Steve: How will Southern Post enhance downtown Roswell?

Jennifer: Southern Post was born as a way to honor Roswell’s historic charm while looking to the future. The project offers an authentic, urban environment located in one of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets, Roswell. With the curated mix of retailers, loft office space and unique restaurants, this is sure to solidify Roswell as one of Atlanta’s top markets and destinations.

Ryan: As downtown Roswells’ first mixed-use development, Southern Post will become Roswell’s newest destination to truly live, work and play. It will transform its’ current site into a gathering place for residents and visitors alike.

Steve: How will the project connect with the synergy of Canton Street?

Jennifer: As patrons of Downtown Roswell know well, there are a variety of unique restaurants and curated retail on Canton Street and throughout Roswell. Southern Post will continue to expand these offerings and further position the City as one of the Metro Area’s top culinary destinations and entertainment districts.

Ryan: Along with this, Southern Post falls within Downtown Roswell’s walkable “open container” district. Just a few steps away from Canton Street, Southern Post will expand this growing culinary and beverage destination with numerous restaurants, and a distillery and/or brewery.


Steve: How do you plan to incorporate the personality of Roswell in this project?

Jennifer: We look forward to honoring the character of this property with a new, modern design that is both a tribute to its history but emerges as a lifestyle destination for the future. This project will provide a much needed, high-energy, mixed-use atmosphere that is ideal for the City of Roswell and its continued growth and emergence as one of Atlanta’s top entertainment destinations.

Ryan: Along with the continuation of Roswell’s lively entertainment scene, there are numerous architectural and design aspects we will utilize within this project that truly cultivate Roswell’s authentic, urban environment. Southern Post offers ample patio space for the restaurants, distillery/brewery space and office tenants. With modern, mid-rise designs, the two mixed-use buildings are designed to mirror the aesthetic of Downtown Roswell.


Steve: Can residents look forward to a future grocery store or produce market at Southern Post?

Jennifer: Of course! We are in conversations with a few boutique grocery stores/markets that will provide a variety of take-home groceries, grab-and-go foods, libations, coffee and much, much more.


Steve: Are there any tenants that you can announce?

Ryan: We have fully executed leases from PONKO Chicken and Da Vinci’s Donuts. Additionally, we are close to finishing up a few leases that we hope to announce soon. Expect to see future announcements for uses like boutique fitness studios, grocery stores/markets, specialty retailers, and of course restaurants.


Steve: How has COVID-19 affected the project timeline?

Jennifer: Right now, we are focusing our efforts on pre-leasing and hope to start construction in the first half of 2021. There were some effects due to COVID, but the project is still a go!

Steve: How long will the construction of the full project take? Will construction happen in phases?

Ryan: We are looking at a 22-28-month timeline from when construction begins, which is slated to start in the first half of 2021. The project will be delivered in phases. The retail, restaurants, apartments and office building #1 will be delivered on the earlier side of the construction timeline; with office building #2 delivering towards the end of that timeframe.


Steve: How are you marketing the Southern Post project?

Jennifer: Right now, we are marketing Southern Post through numerous efforts. The largest effort is through the Atlanta MSA’s robust commercial real estate industry. Another effort is through our social media outlets, you can find them here: (Southern Post Website, Southern Post Facebook, Southern Post Instagram)