The long-awaited Summer Sippin’ winners for 2018 have finally been decided—The Whiskey Project’s “Rye Tai” in the alcoholic category and Sublime Tree’s “Tropical Blast” in the non-alcoholic category.
During the event, which ran from June 1 through July 31, the 40 participating restaurants all featured a unique summer-inspired specialty drink not already featured on their menus. Patrons then rated each sip they tried on the Summer Sippin’ event app, which was available for free on both iPhone and Android, and those ratings were used to determine the “Best Sips in Roswell” for the year.
“Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Summer Sippin’ competition,” said Steve Stroud, executive director of Roswell Inc. “While only two restaurants could take home the official “Best Sip in Roswell” title, we are proud of all the local restaurants that showcased their creativity through this event—their innovation is what continues to make Roswell a top tier destination to drink, dine and socialize.”  
Below are the top winners in each category:  
Top alcoholic drinks:

  1. Rye Tai The Whiskey Project – Best Alcoholic Sip in Roswell 2018
  2. Life’s A Peach – The Mill Kitchen & Bar
  3. Wappy Sprayberry – 1920 Tavern
  4. La Costa – Taqueria Tsunami
  5. Krouching Tiger – Monkey 68

Top non-alcoholic drinks:

  1. Tropical Blast Sublime Tree – Best Non-Alcoholic Sip in Roswell 2018
  2. Lavender Chill – Crazy Love Coffee House
  3. S’mores Shake – Sugar Shack in the Back

More than 1,100 sips were rated during the competition, which is a 32% increase from last year’s event.
A full list of this year’s participating restaurants can be found on
Summer Sippin’ Roswell is sponsored by Gas South.