The City of Roswell is making changes to how it communicates with businesses about City-related business opportunities. 

Obtaining notification about City opportunities and submitting responses to requests for goods and services used to be a mix of manual and automated processes. In order to provide businesses with the best opportunity to know about and effectively bid/propose on opportunities, the City of Roswell has partnered with Bonfire Interactive to create a new procurement portal that will allow businesses to access opportunities and submit bids, proposals, and quotes to the City digitally. 

To register, please visit This link will take you to the City’s current open solicitations page. Follow the link in the upper right corner of the page to the Bonfire vendor registration page to register your company. Please be sure to register under the proper commodity code to receive notices about relevant City opportunities. 

If you have any challenges with the registration process, please contact Bonfire Interactive Support at If you are a City of Roswell based business, have a PDF of your Roswell Business License handy to register as a local supplier. 

“The City’s purchasing staff is excited about the changes we are making to streamline our electronic bid and quote process and we look forward to continuing our good relationship with you and appreciate your interest,” said Greg Anderson, City of Roswell Purchasing Manager.

Please e-mail or contact the city’s purchasing team at 770-641-3718 with any questions.