With a projected growth in 2021 of 20%, we are proud supporters of the Rhino Family of Companies and their continued expansion projects year after year! RHINO’s headquarters are located in Roswell’s Opportunity Zone, enabling them to be set up for success as well as creating more job opportunities. Here at Roswell Inc., we are proud to support the Rhino Expansion and will continue to provide resources for their future endeavors!

RHINO Expansion – Annual Report Excerpt

Founded in 2004, Rhino Family of Companies relocated from East Cobb to Roswell in 2013 with a 10,000-square-foot office located at Roswell Mill. Rhino is the parent company of Nolan Transportation Group, a trucking logistics company; OTR Capital, a factoring company; Payhawk, a payment processing company; and Marquee Insurance Group, a trucking industry insurance provider. Roswell Inc provided insight and Opportunity Zone information to first recruit Rhino Family of Companies in 2013, and the Roswell Inc team has continued to work with the company over the past 7 years on everything from expansion to ombudsman support to workforce development. With its headquarters located in Roswell, Rhino currently has 13 US locations and more than 1,300 employees nationwide. The company occupies a combined 100,000 square feet of space at its two Roswell facilities, both located in the Opportunity Zone. OTR Capital, Payhawk and Marquee occupy approximately 41,000 square feet at Holcomb Woods, and Nolan Transportation Group occupies roughly 62,000 square feet at Founders Park. Roswell’s Opportunity Zone tax credit has helped the company grow from 40 initial employees in 2013 to more than 600 as of 2020. Rhino Family of Companies saw a record breaking sales year in 2020, and the company is projected to grow by 20% in 2021.

“Being able to qualify for and identify office space within Roswell’s Opportunity Zone has been significant in enabling our companies to grow successfully. Beginning with 40 employees at Roswell Mill in mid-2013, we now have an employment base of over 600 located in two OZ properties. Throughout this growth curve, we have benefited greatly from our association with Roswell Inc. They have provided us with the resources, knowledge and commitment enabling us to continue a long-term presence in Roswell.” – Kevin A. Nolan Founder & Executive Chairman, Nolan Transportation Group